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Novak Djokovic stars on Late Show with David Letterman

Novak Djokovic stars on Late Show with David Letterman

2014 Western & Southern Open winner : Serena Williams



THE TENNIS NET: a network for tennis blogs! - APPS REOPENED!

So it’s been a few months since we opened the tennis net, and in honor of the US Open starting so soon, we’ve decided to accept a few more members!

Please read all the rules if you are interested!

W H A T   W E   D O
  • make new friends!
  • we have a private sideblog in which we can discuss all our tennis issues, frustrations, fangirling (or fanboying), and anything else really
  • basically have a place to blog about tennis to people who really understand you!
  • promos/reblogs on edits or selfies or anything
  • help with photoshop, html, other tumblr things
  • did i mention new friends
  • must be following jilian and katie
  • reblog this post! likes can be used to bookmark, but only reblogs count for entry
  • in the tags of the post, specify why you want to join this network
  • reblog by Friday, August 22 PST (we will be choosing members as they apply though)
  • must reach 25 notes!
  • must watch/follow pro tennis (atp/wta) somewhat regularly
  • able to participate in tennis-related discussion (as that’s what our main purpose will be)
  • if you blog about tennis/have a tennis blog: nice url, icon, theme (organization/tags are much appreciated), active blogger*
  • it would be mega awesome if you do tennis edits/gifs because tumblr needs more of that (mention this in the tags if you do!!)
  • i know there are people who follow tennis and want to discuss it but don’t blog about it, so i want to open this network to them too!**
  • as mentioned above, we will be picking members as they apply, so go go go!
  • send me your email, description, and name for network page
  • get a follow from us + everyone else in the network
  • respect everyone’s opinions, favorite players, etc!!
  • must display a link to the network page on your blog
  • * if you have a tennis sideblog, let both of us know what your main blog is so we can see if you’re following, etc
  • ** if you are one of those who follows tennis but does NOT blog about it, please add additional tags to your entry post stating your experience with the tennis world and/or send us a message with a bit more detail on why you want to join, favorite players, anything really
  • talking to us can definitely help with your entry :)
  • track #thetennisnetwork for additional info and updates! (this will be our tag in the future as well)
  • we’re looking for about 20 members, will be adjusted/added to as deemed necessary
  • ask us for any more questions!

TL;DR if you need people to talk to about all your tennis feels, this is the place to be!! (read the whole thing if this is you)

Join the tennis conversation & make new tennis friends :)


I’m trying to watch Maria’s match but it’s 3 a.m and I’m afraid Maria is going to wake my parents up and eventually the whole neighborhood

So first it was Novak, then it was Stan and now Andy, I’m not even sure I want to keep watching this

I’m so pissed right now, I just saw Angel Mullera saying that he deserved this bronze medal and that everything was normal. This man has no dignity, shame on you. I hope the audience will do the right thing when you’ll stand on the podium

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